Easy Soulful Attitude

Easy Soulful Attitude

2018 Jan 22nd

Stylish + Mellow — A Most Modern Thing in Home Fashion

One of the most modern things in home fashion right now is a bit of polish combined with stillness. It’s not too designer-y, it’s not too much, it’s calming and cool at the same time.

These new styles are adaptable. The effect depends on the user’s interpretation and setting. Many of the pieces work especially well in darker environments. In lines and surfaces, past and present connect. Traditional elements are pared down to essential silhouette, then paired up with modern materials.

“These pieces are designed to convey a kind of polished serenity,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development. “As the world shifts more quickly around us, we notice many people placing a greater value on simplicity. Restraint, good taste, and understated luxury are top of mind in these designs.”