Advanced Geometry

Advanced Geometry

2018 Jan 22nd

Get Ready to Turn Up the Attitude with Mathematics

This season, Bernhardt introduces diverse and unique ideas grounded in geometry.

In the Mosaic collection, there are square pyramids, hexagonal forms, 3D layering, squared tiling patterns, and new proportions. Materials include quartered white oak, shagreen embossed leather with a smoothly pebbled feel, metal leaf finishes, and blackened bronze metal outlines and hardwares.

In the Bernhardt Interiors collection, edgy geometric lines and shapes are everywhere: De Stijl cubes and intersections, floating Mondrian planes, twists, loops, meshes, and spliced triangles/circles. Pieces are built in a number of new and diverse materials like metal sheeting, bubbled glass, applied emulsions, and rustic sand finished woods.

Pulling from modern art and imagination, these looks are more architectural and sculptural than ever—with nary an excess flourish in sight.

“It’s not easy to design something that is truly unique,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development, “but we think we’ve accomplished just that. We imagine these as looks for powerful people who like to set their own rules and create their own style— no mathematics degree required.”